The district administration is making onions available to the public at affordable rates.

Officials of the district administration are in action to curb the rising onion rates. Special efforts are being made by Municipal Magistrate Noida Shailendra Kumar Mishra under the direction of District Officer BN Singh to make onions available to the general public between ₹ 35 to ₹ 38. In this order, onion is being made available at the rate of ₹ 38 kg to the general public in Mandi Face to Noida today. Municipal Magistrate Shailendra Kumar Mishra has called upon the general public that there is no shortage of onions in the district and the district administration is taking action to provide onions at affordable rates to all the public. He informed that for this, onion is being sold to the general public at the rate of Rs 38 at various places through two mobile vans in Noida and one mobile van in Greater Noida.