Mainly an act was applied in 2005 against the corruption which is known as Right to Information or RTI. As per this act any citizen can ask for any information from any government department.The only condition is that the information asked under RTI must be based on facts,i.e. we can’t ask any government department about their thoughts. For Example,in your area how much money has been spent and where has been spent,quantity of ration supplied in FPS of your area,amount of money spent on school,college and hospital etc,these type of questions can be asked under RTI

Experiments and benefits :

  • Any citizen can ask for information from any government department
  • This right belongs to a common citizen which enhances transparency in the working and administration of
  • A big step against the corruption
  • We can’t use this right to know the opinion of any government department.We can use it to get the information of the facts like “Quantity and amount of medicines bought in dispensary,how much amount has been spent on park and its maintenance,how many vacancies have been filled in any government department and how much amount has been sanctioned for road development and where its been spent etc”.
  • All government departments like PMO, CM Office,electric companies,banks,schools,colleges,hospitals,president office,police etc are covered under this act.
  • People have attained many types of information under RTI which have even helped in solving their day to day life problems.
  • Information related to security and some other confidential information are not covered under it.

How to get the information?

  • Every government department has a public information officer(PIO),you can submit your application to him
  • Application format can be downloaded from the internet or you can write your application on a plain white paper and PIO will help you in it.
  • RTI Application can be submitted in any Indian language like Hindi,English or any any other regional language.
  • Don’t forget to take receiving of your application from the PIO on the photocopy of your application
  • can also apply online on this site for information from any central government department.
  • You will receive the reply within 30 days of applying.
  • If its not so,then you can apply in court too.
  • A fees of INR 10 is charged from you for asking any information from any government office.
  • This fees is exempted for people below poverty line